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Maria Eugenia Mancipe Lopez

Founder - Legal representative

María Eugenia Mancipe, a devoted single mother, alongside her son and a group of dedicated volunteers, founded the Missionary Infants Foundation to provide community support. Her journey into philanthropy was influenced by both her professional background in marketing and her family's legacy of service. From a young age, juggling work and studies taught her resilience, empathy, and the importance of community. Inspired by her parents' commitment to service, María Eugenia felt a divine calling to shift her focus towards societal contribution, leading her to the concept of Social Marketing.


This calling led her to Chía, where she embraced a simpler lifestyle, dedicating herself to the welfare of children and the community. The foundation, operating in humble surroundings, offers a nurturing space for children whose parents are unavailable due to work commitments. María Eugenia's vision extends beyond providing a safe haven; she aims to build social capital, emphasizing the importance of solidarity, trust, reciprocity, and cooperation.


The FIM Foundation emerged from a recognition of the challenges faced by those in precarious situations and a firm belief in the power of collective action over financial aid alone. It aims to be inclusive, welcoming children from all backgrounds and fostering a sense of responsibility and community engagement among them.


Through comprehensive development programs, the foundation equips children with the skills and values needed to thrive and contribute to society, embodying María Eugenia's belief that overcoming material poverty through education and collaboration is key to sustainable development. Her resilience, evident in her personal triumphs over health challenges and obstacles, underscores the foundation's mission to empower children to achieve their full potential regardless of their socioeconomic status.

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