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Advancing Our Construction Efforts!

First stage: Foundations, currently being executed.

Second stage: Iron with its electrical and gas sanitary and hydraulic connections.

Third stage: Structure and cover.

Total investment value

$400,000 USD

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With your contribution we can

finish our building and thus improve the current service

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Thank you for your interest in our mission!

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National donations.
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Giving boys and girls the childhood they deserve today. Join us on this journey of love, education and joy. Your support is the key to building a present full of opportunities for the little ones. 💖🌈 #ChildrenWithRights

About us?

The Fundación de Infantes Misioneros FIM, is a non-profit social benefit organization that links families with their children free of charge in order to live a supportive and Christian experience in the community through activities of common benefit for social development,   ;community participation and overcoming poverty. 

Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform with love and dedication the lives of children, young people and families of the linked community so that they are multipliers of the solidarity and Christian experience in their daily lives. Our activities and workshops seek to promote love for God, love for themselves, love for family, love for country, teamwork as pillars of life for the construction of a better world.



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