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By sponsoring you will draw a better present and future for them

When you sponsor, you improve the living conditions of thousands of boys, girls and their families through projects that we carry out in their community. You will also create a link with other cultures and realities, in addition to the fact that you are building a more just and equal world.

What is the Godfather Plan?

Your contribution makes it possible to carry out projects that benefit the sponsored child and also their families and people in their neighborhood or community.

What does the child receive?

The boy or girl will be able to enjoy an equitable, safe and quality education. In addition, we will make sure that you live in safe and violence-free environments; and that he can exercise his right to participate in issues that affect both him and his community.

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I am a person

Become a sponsor through a monthly contribution of $50,000 ($20) per sponsored child.
The godfathers and godmothers receive reports twice a year, on the actions carried out by the F.I.M. with the children and young beneficiaries.

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We are an Organization

Sponsor a group of children and adolescents through your organization:

• Be a champion by promoting the cause.

Join and make a difference!

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donate money

Make it possible to sustain our mission!

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donate in kind

Allow others to benefit from what you no longer use!

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donate your time

Join us and share your gifts and skills!

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